The Academy is set up to accommodate all levels of players with a series of options created for the new golfer as well as the player with years of experience. We have a number of options so you the golfer can choose the program that you would feel most comfortable and that will create a positive learning environment.

Groups Lessons are the best setting for Beginners or nearly Beginners as they can learn with a group of peers in a non-competitive safe environment. This experience allows them - to join with friends - meet others who may be in similar circumstances and thereby creating friendships to learn, practice and play the game.

Private Lessons are set up with the individual personal schedule as the priority and is extremely flexible. This program is more expensive but is a concentrated learning setting and therefore can be tailored to the needs of the player rather than working within a group setting witch is more schedule orientated.

Coaching for a Season Long Program is available on a needs basis and the cost is quoted after discussions with participants.

Beginners Club -- a group of Beginners or Near Beginners who meet on a weekly basis for most of the season. This group is conducted in a relaxed group format and general purpose is to upgrade the basic skill sets of each individual in a group setting that allows the members of the group to proceed at their own speed. The Club meets on Monday mornings at either 9:30am or 11:00am. Each lesson will consist of a specific learning period and then individual work periods. 

Due to the new Social Distancing guidelines we are limiting each of the two groups to a maximum of 6 players. The Club will start on June 29, 2020 and run most Mondays except holidays until the end of September.


For Information -- Call Earl   604-202-9974 or email

Lessons take place at Birdies and Buckets Golf Center.

Private And Group Lessons

Private Lessons

1 - 45 minute Lesson -- $100.00

3 - 45 minute Lessons -- $250

5 - 45 minute Lessons -- $350

Group Lessons

Group Lessons

                    groups of 2 or 3 players                              groups of 4 to 6 players  

3 - one hour lessons --$175.00 each           $125.00 each

5 - one hour lessons--$225.00 each            $175.00 each 

The Next Step Beginners Club 

-limited to 6 golfers each group --

-12 week Series

-Introduction to Golf with specific work on upgrading one's skill set 

-For Beginners, nearly Beginners and those who wish to elevate their skill sets

Starts Monday May 3, 2021 continues into July except holidays

Group A   9:30 am --ladies only   Group A  -- 9:30 am Starting Monday May 3, 2021

Group B  11:00 am --Co-ed          Group B -- 11:00 am Starting Monday May 3, 2021

Group C  6:30 pm  --Co-ed      Group C -- 6:30 pm Starts Monday May 3, 2021

$249.00 + tax/ per person

Special Weekly Clinics

available for up to 8 players

** covers all facets of the game with different content each week

Pre-Registration required @

1 hour -weekly schedules 

$25.00 each inc tax, balls, coffee

Men  -- 11am - Noon Thursday  operates all year

 12:15 - 1:15 pm Thursday 

Ladies -- 9:30 am - 10:30 am Thursday

PLEASE CONTACT EARL FRANCIS @  to arrange lesson times & availability


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