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The Wellness Center

If you're going to truly excel in your sport of choice, you'll need a couple of knowledgeable coaches. In today's complex world the top athletes require daily, weekly and monthly tune-ups to the technical & physical aspects of the game.


My name is Earl Francis, and I work with athletes at all levels of personal growth and even those that have reached the maximum levels and are digressing to get them more focused, powerful, and technically proficient than ever before. I believe in training to win but competing with sportsmanship. This, more than anything, is a direct reflection of my success as a Golf Coach. As far as Wellness Programs --I am not an expert but I am a WELLNESS EXPLORER and I do rely on my experience of learning from industry experts, reviewing Peer Group reports and using the products that I have found to be the best in Category..

As we grow older in this now, much more complex world, it is comforting to understand more of the science of DNA and Cellular make up and the new study of Nutrigenomics to guide our paths to better health through reducing inflammation in the body. There are two products that are forefront in their presentation  -- Protandim & Liquid Collagen 


 If your are interested in feeling & looking better -- please proceed to  Lifevantage & search out Protandim - NRF2 -- Liquid Collagen at 



This company is the leader in Nutrigenomics globally and has no plan giving up the pole position any time soon. Specializing in anti-aging, the company's number one selling products, Protandim NRF2 & Liquid Collagen combined have been clinically proven by peer reviews to increase average life span by 7%, reduce oxidative stress in all humans by 40% in just 30 days, and increase glutathione levels by 300% in 24 hours.

Also, please take the time to read about the latest product --Liquid Collagen --True Science -- it produces amazing results and has been peer reviewed by some of the leading university programs in the USA. The sales have been beyond any expectations -- for your benefit --please give it a try!!!!

Lifevantage is a publicly traded company, made the Forbes 500 list & has experienced revenue increases of 200%+ year over year for the last 2 years. Distribution extends to 16 countries and counting.

It is suggested that we should be using the PROTANDIM-Collagen combination -- for best results  

 -- Call -- Earl @ 604-202-9974 

 --Cheers to all for Good Health!!!

What does inflation do to humans?????

--it causes DISEASE !!!!

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