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Meet The Coach

Earl Francis, Class A Life Member PGA Canada

As a long time experienced PGA of Canada (Class A Life Member and a Past President of the Association 2000/01) -- I am dedicating this website to creating an information and content resource for the average golfer who is interested in understanding a more simplified manner of playing the game, then, taking that information-- making the necessary changes to improve their game.


We will also create a database from my experiences of the HIDDEN GEMS of golf and travel -- -- as we progress with the development of the site we will do online teaching, answer questions on golf travel, create a HOLE-in-ONE Registry and provide a resource for our members to keep their Handicaps and Game Stats.

As we age, we seem to be much more aware of our health options so we are also going to create a section on WELLNESS --products that we have had personal experiences with and that have a focus on creating a longer and healthier lifestyle..


I have taught & coached the game for over 50 years to all levels of players --elite PGA Tour players to Beginners. If you are interested in joining one of our Academy Groups or just discuss any of our lesson programs --please call or email me ----604-202-9974 or email:

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