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  • What is the best learning path for me?
    Contact Earl for a 30 minute assessment for $75.00
  • How do you contact Earl Francis?
    Call, email, submit Contact form or message --all contacts points are listed on website
  • If I am a beginner should I take a group lesson or Private?
    If you have the time to devote to learning the game the best is to attend the Beginner Club series, next would be a series of Group Lessons.
  • Are Golf Lessons expensive?
    If you check our price list you will see that group lessons with a couple of your friends would be the most inexpensive way to proceed.
  • Do you need golf clubs to attend a lesson program?
    No -- we provide the necessary equipment to get you to the point of deciding if you wish to continue in the game -- if you wish to continue playing the game we can find you suitable equipment starting at $100.00
  • What clothing and shoes should I wear?
    Running shoes and appropriate casual exercise or walking clothes are fine
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