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If you’re going to truly excel in your sport of choice, you’ll need a couple of knowledgeable coaches. In today's complex world the top athletes require daily, weekly and monthly tune-ups to the technical & physical aspects of the game. 

 My name is Earl Francis, and I work with aspiring athletes to get them more focused, powerful, and technically proficient than ever before. I believe in training to win but competing with sportsmanship. This, more than anything, is a direct reflection of my success as a Golf Coach. As far as Wellness Programs --I am not an expert but I am a WELLNESS EXPLORER and I do rely on my experience of learning from industry experts, reviewing Peer Group reports and using  the products that I have found to be the best in Category.. 

As we grow older in this now, much more complex world, it is comforting to understand more of the science of DNA and Cellular make up and the new study of Nutrigenomics to guide our paths to better health. 

I am suggesting that, if interested, you proceed to a couple of websites to search out these speducts. First go to Lifevantage.ca and search out Protandim - NRF2   and Dr. GundryMD.

                   egf@lifevantage.ca/en   or

Meet Earl

Golf Coach & Wellness Explorer



 This company is the leader in Nutrigenomics globally and has no plan giving up the pole position any time soon. Specializing in anti-aging, the company's number one selling product, Protandim NRF2 is clinically proven to increase life span by 7%, reduce oxidative stress (inflammation) by 40% in just 30 days, and increase glutathione levels by 300% in 24 hours. It is a publicly traded company, made the Forbes 500 list and has experienced revenue increases of 200%+ year on year for the last 3 years. Distribution extends to 16 countries and counting.


What does inflation do to humans?????

--it causes DISEASE !!!!

Visit    egf.lifevantage.com

The Redox Breakthrough

, i have been a long time supporter of ASEA -- a supplement that is a Redox Signalling product -- it is the greatest health, athletic and anti-aging breakthrough of our lifetime!!!!! 

----  earlfrancis.teamasea.com

-- -- amazingmolecules.com

Redox signaling works at the cellular level to help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells.

The Redox Breakthrough

What if there were a simple way to address this cellular breakdown? Not just mask the symptoms, but actually attack problems at the source— the genetic level?

There is.

ASEA has developed a unique breakthrough product technology that has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways or affect genes that:

  • Improve immune system health

  • Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response

  • Help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity

  • Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production

  • Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness

Health Information

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"I have been taking Protandim for over 5 years and although I feel nothing different when consumed I have not fallen ill during that time -- it must really support the immune system as I used to get colds and the flu on an annual basis"

- Ann J.

"Earl gave me a sample of the eye last year and I have used it since -- everyone comments how much younger I look --that makes me very happy!!!"

- Amy D.

"I read the Gundry MD book --it is amazing and his product line is very reasonalbly priced with numerous options."

- Asia S.