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Uses: Made in Beautiful British Columbia, Organa’s CBD Infused Paw Balm is formulated perfectly for irritated paws and skin, swelling, arthritis, and much more! With CBD to help combat inflammation and irritation, our Paw Balm starts working within minutes to relieve your pets’ worst pain. Formulated with all organic ingredients to rapidly resolve nose burn, hot spots, or any form of irritation!


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, CBD Hemp Oil, Vitamin E Oil.


Amount: 80mg CBD/1.15oz per container


Apply directly to pets paws and massage in.


*Please note that during warmer temperatures, some products may require 12-24 in the refrigerator before opening**

*Our products can be heat sensitive, especially the salves, balms and lotion.  Although heat exposure will not generally damage the CBD properties, it can cause products to melt, change consistency or in extreme circumstances go rancid with prolonged heat exposure. 

We recommend keeping salves, lotions and edibles in a cool dry place and opened tinctures in the fridge.*


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